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    Recreational Gaming, Rules and Regulations

    Post  Admin on Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:33 am

    Welcome to the Recreational Gaming Community.

    It is our aim to create a fun environment for individuals who wish to chat, post and interact with other like minded gamers.

    To achieve this, we must set down some guide lines and rules of behaviour, this will help in the prevention of you, our valued member from being subjected to harassment, bullying or any other form of unwanted grief, We ask that you also use these forums with respect and show consideration to it's members and staff at all time.

    If a Moderator or Administrator asks you to do something, then please do it.

    What follows is simply a guide. There isn't a rule for every possible circumstance and situation for these forums so please follow the requests of our Moderation and Administration team whether or not you find a rule listed here.

    Respect the request of the site staff. Abusing them or ignoring their request can lead to your account being suspended. If you have a problem with moderation please take it up with a personal message to a staff member or Administrator - do not complain by posting in the forums.

    No spamming the forums.

    No spamming. Your post-count is not an indication of your worth so don't inflate it by making senseless posts. Spam is taken to include short replies that add no value to the topic's subject matter. Spam posts can, and will, be deleted by the staff.

    No flaming

    This means no personal attacks or private arguments. Naturally people have a right to express their opinions as long as that it isn't done in a way that offends/insults other users. Complaints about aspects of the game you play are not regarded as flaming but please ensure that you use appropriate language and do not make personal attacks in your posts.

    Do not post pornographic images or links to such sites.

    Pornography is banned from the forums in all its forms. This includes linking to sites with such content, it also applies to child related images or topics, any breach of this rule will result in an instant ban from the community.

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